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We’re working with partners from Haryana ( Neev ) to Tamil Nadu ( Aid India ), and from Maharashtra ( Govt Schools) to West Bengal (Foundashun).


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BasicEdu is an open source initiative, that works towards making technology enabled quality education a reality. With smartphone penetration at 23.8% at the end of 2018 points towards overwhelming access to internet and economic ability. Technology in education is proven to mould the patterns of thinking and reinforce experiential learning amongst all age groups. It’s essential for children to have hands on experience with computers, irrespective of their field of education.

Therefore, we create hardware that can be plugged into television sets to turn into a computer for a fraction of the cost of an entry level smartphone. It is built around single board linux computers and can be assembled by an individual with basic technology know-how. It is supplemented by openly available and collaboratively developed curricula, applications, and how to guides. With our supply chain and a volunteer network, we’re partnering with NGOs with last mile reach to bring access to computers, through replication of strategies developed in our pilot programmes.